JPEGView 1.1.1

View jpeg images scaled down for your Palm.

JPEGView attempts to be the fastest, smallest, and easiest to use JPEG image viewer available for PalmOS — without breaking tstandard PalmOS User Interface Guidelines. Though not as feature-packed as other applications of similar style, this application does exactly what it was designed to do – view JPEG images!

JPEGView fully supports both Sony and PalmSource's high-resolution displays, including non-square screens and screen rotation! Able to handle all resolutions, all color depths. View images in black and white – and continue to have them recognizable. JPEGView has a fullscreen feature – for the images that just fit perfectly.

Future plans include multiple image formats, slideshow mode, clock/calendar overlays, and more!

Developer's note
A critical problem has been discovered with JPEGView which affects palmOne Tungsten|T3, Zire 31, and Zire 72 handhelds.

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JPEGView 1.1.1

User reviews about JPEGView

  • by Anonymous

    Zire install.
    Do NOT install JPEGView on Zire 31. I don't know about the others, but it really messed up the di...   More